Achromatic Rewards Program

Achromatic has recently launched a rewards program! Through this program, you will earn points that can be redeemed for unique coupons at Achromatic. Points never expire and can be accumulated as long as you want!


Points can be earned by:

-signing up for the achromatic rewards program

-placing an order at

-referring a friend to Achromatic using your custom link provided to you at sign up

-sharing your birthday with us


Points can be redeemed for:

-free shipping

-$7 coupon

-$10 coupon

-$15 coupon

-25% off coupon


In addition to the rewards program, the more points you accumulate will enter you into certain tiers. There are 4 tiers to unlock. By unlocking the next tier, you will earn points faster than you did in the previous tier. The 4 tiers are:

1. Platinum- earn 100 points

2. Bronze- earn 500 points

3. Silver- earn 1000 points

4. Gold- earn 2000 points


Sign up for our rewards program on our home page, linked HERE, to start earning and saving!


Thank you for being so loyal to us! 




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