About Us


Achromatic is defined as a color without hue. Achromatic offers exclusively neutral colored clothing. We offer on trend, comfortable, and affordable pieces. 

At Achromatic, we strive to provide customers with a way to try new styles in a safe space. 

We want to erase the stigma associated with fashion where people feel contained to one style within their wardrobe. At Achromatic, you can find a range of styles, just within one color palette!



Achromatic is owned by Nicole. It has always been a dream of hers to run her own store. After recently graduating from college, she decided there is no better time than now!

Achromatic is a passion project of Nicole's that allows her to express her creativity. She believes in the power of small businesses and wants to use Achromatic as a way to encourage and support other small business owners, especially women!



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Email: achromaticshop@gmail.com​

Achromatic logo designed by Tyler Moore